Capti: Content Creator 10CM LED Ring Light & Tabletop Phone Holder
Description With our Professional 2 in 1 Phone Holder LED Ring Light you will always get the best shot! Not having the right lighting will really get in the way of how professional your pictures or videos come out. Never...
Capti: Content Creator 360 Tracking Phone Mount
Made of high-strength ABS plastic, impact resistant and wear resistant. Clamp with elastic grip and soft silicone, support for 56-100mm mobile phones, 360° rotation, no dead angle to recognize your face automatically. Support iOS10 and later, Andriod 8.1 and later...
Content Creator Flexible Tripod
Get truly dynamic shots with the Capti Flexible Tripod! The Capti Flexible Tripod is made with high-density, rubber-coated legs, making it durable, flexible, non-slip, and waterproof. You can attach it anywhere in both portrait and landscape format for capturing photos...
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